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A lot of the time wSnipplr hile coding sites  we reach a stand still when trying to figure out how were going to program that bit of functionality that the client wants. How do I get around it?, well I take a little visit to Snipplr.

Snipplr is a repository for web developers or anyone who are interested in small pieces of functionality to improve their webpages and optimise workflow.

Go check it out I’m sure your clients will be impressed ^_^




This great little piece of software is extremely useful for anyone wanting to make thier website look that little bit more … Prettier.

Just install, add your pictures, modify the settings and your good to go.. No html or javascript knowledge required.

Link: Cubox


Ok the price is not as cheap as beans, but for all the non designers who would rather have a quick and easy to modify template.

Check out Dream template. Dream template provide a huge amount of templates for a low price yearly subscription. With the subscription you get access to over 6000 templates which also come with all the design psd files for you tear apart and make your own.

Link: Dreamtemplate

CSS3 rounded borders and gradients

Posted: November 20, 2010 in Web dev info
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css3 pie preview

Css3 pie preview

Ever wanted to make nice rounded borders in those divs without having to make custom images in handy old photoshop. Well this priceless link will do just that.

Css3 pie lets you make rounded borders with the new css3 gradients feature without having to code it yourself.

And here is the best part … It supports ie 6 and onwards

Link : Css3Pie

Anyone Use WordPress as a CMS? here is a little helpful Cheat Sheet for WordPress Hack and Slashers in the Web World.

Link:  WordPress Cheat Sheet.

50 ways to improve your websiteCalling all Web Developers out there  wanting a few hints and tips to aid the ever so demanding clients, check out this link from Nettuts. Great stuff

Link: 50 Ways to Get Your Site Noticed.

To start off my blog and for a bit of sneaky research. lets see which browsers all you web lovers are using.