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Harley Blinds Logo

Recently Completed a website for another website in the Mansfield area of the United Kingdom.

The website is question is Harley Blinds and they are one of the leaders in blind manufacturing within the east midlands area. Hit the link and check the site out .

Harley Blinds has reached Number 2 in google for blinds in the Mansfield area.

Link: Harley Blinds


ModxIts been a very slow few months here at “the web guy”. Well I’m back and have a new lovely CMS systems for all the web developers out there that want complete customisation for their web development endeavours.

What is it you ask?. well it is a cool little CMS system that allows you to import your custom-made HTML websites directly into it then add all the fancy dynamic stuff through the use of variables.

It sounds all complicated but it is really easy for the experienced Web Developer. Hit the link, Download it and check it out.

also its free, happy days.

Modx Website