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Image representing Myows as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

I recently was browsing the big old triple W and came across a service known as Myows. Yes even i don’t know what the name means but hey it’s not like a lot of brands make sense (Google).

Either way, Myows is a service that is free and open to all the creative people out there who need a security for their ideas and designs.

You simply create your copyrightable object (logo, website design etc) and upload it to the service. That item is then copyrighted to you permanently.

still a bit sceptical then click here for 9 handy reasons to sign up for this unique service.

If your already convinced then follow the link and get protected.

MyOws Sign up page



Ever wanted a way to make sure you never lose important client documents, images or entire websites for that matter.Β  well that solution is DROPBOX!.

Dropbox is the all is one package to sync any files you want to the good old cloud. Any changes you make to your files are recorded and and stored as backups online. Just in case the client is not happy with that little change you made to that navigation bar πŸ˜‰

Hit the link, download the tiny installer and sync your world to the cloud.

Dropbox website