MyOws, Keep your work YOUR WORK!

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Web dev info
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Image representing Myows as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

I recently was browsing the big old triple W and came across a service known as Myows. Yes even i don’t know what the name means but hey it’s not like a lot of brands make sense (Google).

Either way, Myows is a service that is free and open to all the creative people out there who need a security for their ideas and designs.

You simply create your copyrightable object (logo, website design etc) and upload it to the service. That item is then copyrighted to you permanently.

still a bit sceptical then click here for 9 handy reasons to sign up for this unique service.

If your already convinced then follow the link and get protected.

MyOws Sign up page

  1. Leo Gumbo says:

    Yo Nad, does this service actually work? As in do they actually file the patents for you and then get back to you with some kind of acknowledgement that your work has been copyrighted as i thought you needed to pay the Patents Office for that kind of shizzle.

    • Nadeem says:

      Yes i believe it works, i haven’t had anyone steal my work yet so a little difficult to test it fully. But as far as i know you just upload your work to the server and state what kind of item it is (text,image etc etc). You are presented with an on-line certificate that is timestamped with the date and time you uploaded it. If you find your work being used on a website or anything you then can file a case.

      You fill in all the details such as the url you found it at and they look into it and contact the person i think. There might be some legal costs if it goes to court or something, But i think as long as the person stealing your work knows that YOU KNOW he/she has stolen it then they will probably take it down or pay for it. After you have uploaded your work you can also license it off to people and their details are stored along side the file on the server. So if you do find someone using your work, you can check if they have been licensed by yourself and if they haven’t then you file a case.

      The limitations are that you only get 1GB of storage for your work. So that’s the main downfall but as they say “beggars can’t be choosers”

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