About Me

Nadeem Akbar Mangatar

Being as this is my first step into the world of blogging and pretty much just keeping a diary of what happens in my life I am having a but of trouble thinking of what to type…….

Well my name is Nadeem Akbar and I am a recent UK graduate from the Nottingham Trent University which is situated in …..well Nottingham. I studied BSc (honours) Computer Science (Games Technology) and received a respectable 2nd class honours within the 1st division.

Since then I did what most students do and that usually consists of a the following

  • Holiday
  • Begin missing university Life
  • Go on benefits ( I lie… i have not done this one)
  • Attempt to update that 4-5 year old CV i used to apply for a job at the corner shop.
  • Apply for a Job

Studying Computer Science meant that I pretty much have dabbled in every aspect of software and hardware associated with computers. Meaning….. I pretty much had a fair amount of skill in everything and but not an expert in any particular field. My skills, Basic and advanced skills consisted of:

There are a few more but now (9:24am) my brain is still running from a cold start to remember. Anyway, after updating and making about 44,000 (about 13)  different CVs I was ready to begin my step into the real world.

I began applying for jobs that followed the degree i studied (Games Technology) and wow …was I not ready apparently. I applied for Jobs left, right and center showing off my skills just hoping for someone to take me on and give me a chance.  In summary it didn’t happen. I basically was lacking something that was absolutely crucial for this field and that was the one thing that no one would give me the chance to get….


So i started making random mini projects to try to show my worth such as 3D models (high poly low poly) 3D Environments etc (Check it out). All the effort was to no avail, so I decided to switch to another one of my passions.. THE INTERNET!.

Yes… that means i switched to Web development /Web Design. I thought,  this way i can keep my creativity alive through web design instead of through 3D modelling. So once again the CV change began and the mini projects started up again.

I began experimenting with all aspects of web design,  Such as:

  • .net (C#, Asp.net)
  • HTML (HTML 5 is awesome)
  • CSS (CSS3 is also awesome)
  • Photoshop (Designing and Slicing)
  • Flash (I love it , shame steve jobs doesnt)
  • PHP (Its amazing what you can do with a bit of server-side code)

After a applying for a few jobs with a couple of promises to present some current working projects, the replies started flying in.

I think this section has dragged on enough and I assume you get the idea of who I am and what I do so in summary, I AM…



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