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Silk whispers Logo -wedding invitations
Silk Whispers logo

Yes that is correct, a new site is in the works for a not so local client.

The new project is for a business in Kenya to sell bespoke wedding invitations.

Yes I said wedding invitations, but these are not just any wedding invitations.

These are for the high net profit clients that are willing to spend big $$$ to make sure that day is something to truly remember.


The site is now well under way, hosting done, holding page done, designs done and Development progressing at a reasonable pace.

Click the link to see any new updates to the site

Wedding Invitations


Pawfection logo

A new website is in the works for a local business known as “Pawfection boutique”. Just finished the logo and the client loves it so time to move to working on the designs for the website.

Not really sure what CMS to go with for this one. Thinking of getting out the Big Gun known as Magento…. have I not done a post on Magento? wow I really need to keep up with the times. But anyway here is the logo for the up and coming canine accessory e-commerce website.


Hosting has been arranged for the site and you can now check out the soon to be Pawfection boutique sales website.

Dog Boutique Derbyshire

Harley Blinds Logo

Recently Completed a website for another website in the Mansfield area of the United Kingdom.

The website is question is Harley Blinds and they are one of the leaders in blind manufacturing within the east midlands area. Hit the link and check the site out .

Harley Blinds has reached Number 2 in google for blinds in the Mansfield area.

Link: Harley Blinds