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It’s been a wGoogle +1 buttonhile since i blogged up, so I’m going start it off with some wonderful news for SEO specialists and general Web developers.

We all know about the Facebook like button/Twitter Tweet button that you can include in your site or blog posts to get your site noticed on the net.

What you might not know is that Google themselves are also trying to make it easier for you to get your site noticed through its own little button.

Google are calling it the +1 button and it will allow people to not just “tweet” and “like” your page/post but also give it a little kick up the google search ladder.

Wanna be the first ones to add this new little niche to your site then follow the link below and show your interest.

Google +1 sign up

Image representing Myows as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

I recently was browsing the big old triple W and came across a service known as Myows. Yes even i don’t know what the name means but hey it’s not like a lot of brands make sense (Google).

Either way, Myows is a service that is free and open to all the creative people out there who need a security for their ideas and designs.

You simply create your copyrightable object (logo, website design etc) and upload it to the service. That item is then copyrighted to you permanently.

still a bit sceptical then click here for 9 handy reasons to sign up for this unique service.

If your already convinced then follow the link and get protected.

MyOws Sign up page


Ever wanted a way to make sure you never lose important client documents, images or entire websites for that matter.  well that solution is DROPBOX!.

Dropbox is the all is one package to sync any files you want to the good old cloud. Any changes you make to your files are recorded and and stored as backups online. Just in case the client is not happy with that little change you made to that navigation bar 😉

Hit the link, download the tiny installer and sync your world to the cloud.

Dropbox website

Being a web developer can be quite difficult if you don’t keep up with the  times.

when making a website for a business of any sort it is always a good idea to take some design and development pointers to make sure that your client is not bothering you every 2 days for tiny changes.

The link below will give a quick run down of what you should consider for 2011 in your projects.

What’s in Store for Websites in 2011

Are you a new and upcoming web developer looking to go freelance but don’t have a law degree or the money for a lawyer to write-up a good contract.

In that case I think you should check the link below. It is really easy to begin working on a project and just assuming a client will pay for the work done. This is why a simple contract will.keep you protected, to an extent.

Hit the link and fill in the blanks.

I still recommend a lawyer but it’s a start and will make sure your client plays and pays nice.


Have you ever wanted to expand your design skills but don’t want to read through pages and pages of tutorials? not to mention having to browse the net cycling through site after site to find the solution to that one problem.

Well this is where does the work for you.

Well not exactly for you but you get to just sit back, watch and soak up the juicy skills. is a site that has been around for a long time and taught me a lot of the skills I use today. So I thought why not share it with the web developers and designers out there that have yet to come across it.

hit the link check it out


Free Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Fireworks, Bridge, and Golive Video Tutorials :: Welcome to

ModxIts been a very slow few months here at “the web guy”. Well I’m back and have a new lovely CMS systems for all the web developers out there that want complete customisation for their web development endeavours.

What is it you ask?. well it is a cool little CMS system that allows you to import your custom-made HTML websites directly into it then add all the fancy dynamic stuff through the use of variables.

It sounds all complicated but it is really easy for the experienced Web Developer. Hit the link, Download it and check it out.

also its free, happy days.

Modx Website

A lot of the time wSnipplr hile coding sites  we reach a stand still when trying to figure out how were going to program that bit of functionality that the client wants. How do I get around it?, well I take a little visit to Snipplr.

Snipplr is a repository for web developers or anyone who are interested in small pieces of functionality to improve their webpages and optimise workflow.

Go check it out I’m sure your clients will be impressed ^_^



This great little piece of software is extremely useful for anyone wanting to make thier website look that little bit more … Prettier.

Just install, add your pictures, modify the settings and your good to go.. No html or javascript knowledge required.

Link: Cubox


Ok the price is not as cheap as beans, but for all the non designers who would rather have a quick and easy to modify template.

Check out Dream template. Dream template provide a huge amount of templates for a low price yearly subscription. With the subscription you get access to over 6000 templates which also come with all the design psd files for you tear apart and make your own.

Link: Dreamtemplate